In 2018, HelpCureHD began working on a PGD-IVF grant program for families affected by Huntington’s Disease. It is our mission that, with monetary assistance, we can close the financial gap that stands between some couples and the fertility assistance required to conceive a child that is HD-Free.


  • At least one applicant must either have been diagnosed with or be at risk for Huntington’s Disease 
  • The application must have supporting documentation providing they are at risk for HD
  • Applicants must meet the criteria for the clinic carrying out the PGD-IVF procedure
  • There must be no welfare concerns for any child born as a result of the PGD-IVF procedure
  • Athletes and Causes, Inc. has ultimate discretion in approving applications


  • PGD-IVF cost on average $20,000 – $25,000
  • This grant will cover, for the selected couple(s), the cost of pre-cycle screening fees, fertility medication, IVF procedure costs, and genetic testing of the embryos
  • Selected applicants will receive funding for one round of PGD-IVF. IN the event the IVF is unsuccessful, couples are permitted to reapply for a future grant


  • June & December
  • A completed application must be submitted and postmarked, by midnight (23:59:59) Eastern Time on either April 30 or October 31.
  • Any grant applications received after the deadline for the current grant cycle will be considered for the next grant cycle.
  • We will notify applicants via email by either the beginning of June or December if we decide to fund your grant application and also if we decide to not fund your grant application.

HELPCUREHD GRANT PROCESS (click links below to download and fill out)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are no participating clinics where I live – can I still apply for the grant?
    • Yes! Our participating clinics are able to accommodate patients who are willing to travel for PGD-IVF
  • If I travel to a clinic how many visits will I have to make?
    • Every case is different but on average 3-5 visits for one round of PGD-IVF
  • Does this grant pay for travel and hotel stay?
    • No. The HelpCureHD grant program only covers medical expenses 
  • Will I have to stay overnight for any visits?
    • Patients will need to stay local for 6-10 days right before the retrieval surgery 
  • Would you recommend someone from out of town to do this?
    • Absolutely! Our clinics have worked with couples from all over the U.S. and internationally 
  • Can I select which fertility clinic I want to go to?
    • No. Our selection committee has the ultimate decision

If you have any questions as you fill out any of these above applications, please email


At the moment, the only fertility clinics we are working with are in Texas, Oregon and Ohio. Please keep this in mind when submitting an application, as the grant proceeds cannot be used for travel or incidental expenses.