Changing Lives for the Better, Together

Joe Smith and Allie LaForce are two extremely successful and influential people on their own; put them together and you have a powerhouse of a couple. When these two influencers married in 2015, their dedication towards each other was able to translate into a dedication to helping those suffering from Huntington’s disease.

Joe Smith, current pitcher for the Cleveland Indians has been playing in the Major Leagues for the past ten years. Born in Cincinnati, Joe has found his way back to Ohio after playing on the NY Mets, LA Angels, and Chicago Cubs. His commitment to baseball has carried over off the field. After his mother was diagnosed with HD in 2012, Joe made a promise to do everything in his power to make his mother’s life, and all those suffering with the disease easier.

Allie LaForce, current CBS Sports reporter is as talented as she is passionate about being a part of the HelpCureHD team. Allie and Joe have partnered with Cleveland Clinic to help reach their dream of creating an HD Free Future. The couple plans to use their colorful celebrity experiences to bring awareness to the cause they care so deeply about. Joe and Allie know that there is a long road ahead of them when it comes to helping those suffering with HD, but according to Joe, he and Allie are “Up for the challenge and going full steam ahead!”

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